3 Easy Beeswax Wrap Snack Pouches

Not only are they great for wrapping over jars and scrunching over that left over half an apple- they can be folded into the perfect snack pack sizes for when you're plastic free and on the go.

Give these folding methods a go and fall in love with beeswax wraps all over again!

1. Ideal for crackers and other thin/flat snacks 

1.Fold your wrap in to half, and then half again to create a guide. Then lay flat.

2. Fold down each corner diagonally into the centre of the wrap, then use the heat of your hands to press shut.

2. Perfect for larger quantities of loose snack such as nuts and dried fruit, or a sandwich!

1. Turn your wrap diagonal and fold once in half, so that two corners meet and form a triangle.
2. Fold the left side of the wrap into the centre, leaving a third unfolded on the right side. 
3. Take the right hand side and place it into the folded section of the left.
4. Seperate the two top folds of the wrap and place your snacks inside. You can fold the top back flap down to join the front and seal with the warmth of your hands.

 3. Awesome for banana bread, fruit slices or larger, single snacks.

1. Fold your wrap in half, leaving a 1-2 centimetre gap at the top.

2. Fold in each side once, about 1cm, sealing with warmth of your hands, and then twice.

3. Place snacks inside and then fold top down to seal.

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