Madison Pollard Designs: Eco-Friendly Art Prints

Art which doesn’t cost the earth.

As many artists who have expressed themselves before me, I am inspired by the ever-wondrous Mother Nature. Every colour, pattern or texture that you see in my art, has been drawn (literally and figuratively) from the natural world. The outdoors is where I most feel myself; a place where I can connect to my inner creative, find new inspiration and be reminded of my passion for art. I believe that being surrounded by nature is when I am at my truest self.

For all that nature has done for me, the least being inspire my art, the most, being a safe home that keeps me fed and protected from the vacuum of space— I feel that I owe it a great debt. Surely the least that I could do is help to protect it?

So. How am I doing this?

Bee Series A5 printed on 100% post consumer paper product.

Every single one of my artworks are made using 100% recycled art paper.

Paper production from recycled fibres saves:

  • 100% of the trees (yay!),
  • 31% of the energy,
  • 53% of the water,
  • And produces 39% less solid waste
    than paper from virgin tree

Buying 100% recycled paper also gives those post consumer fibres a second chance at life, AKA by contributing to the circular economy.

“But what is this circular economy?” I hear you ask…

 A circular economy differs from the typical linear economy of “make > use > dispose” by instead looking to create a more closed loop system of reuse, share, repair, refurbish, remanufacture and recycle” - Geissdoerfer et al. 2017

By working to close these cycles, the waste from one process or product, can become “food” for the next, with less demand for raw materials (such as virgin forests).

My prints are also made using environmentally friendly printing methods!

The lovely company that I supply my pieces from print with digital printing machines that use a non-toxic dry toner and fuse images to the surface of the paper using heat. This high efficiency transfer rate also means very little waste in the printing process (extra earth bonus!).

Not only are these prints recycled, all of my packaging is too. But wait, it gets better. Recycled, AND recyclable! Yes, there is a difference. Once used, envelopes, tissue paper, swing tags etc can be put into your paper recycling bin, to be turned into yet another useful thing!

So purchase easy, I’ve got you covered for stylish art, which doesn’t cost the earth.

Madison xx


Edit: Mother Nature must have known I was sitting on my balcony writing of her, because my new Currawong friend just flew up to say hello. I fed it some blueberries.

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