Farmhouse Beeswax Pack (Sold Out)

Farmhouse Beeswax Pack (Sold Out)

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Cottagecore Collection

Each pack comes with a 6x6 inch, 9x9 inch & 12x12 inch wrap. As fabric stock varies, please expect some minor size differences. 

The perfect alternative to plastic wrap, these bee wax beauties will keep your food super fresh!

No fabric gone to waste!

Made from repurposed material and 100% pure bees wax.

Due to the nature of the repurposed material, fabric patterns will vary.

Choose from collection of different colour themes.


Use heat of your hands to mould the wrap around your fruit, vegetables, leftovers- anything!


After each use, rinse with cold water and mild soap. Use hands to gently brush off any excess food. Let air dry.

* Be sure not to use hot water as it will ruin your wrap

* Do not use on hot/ oily food or raw meat.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Wraps can last 6-12 months. To refresh wraps, simply put in oven at the lowest setting for a few minutes until wax has melted. Hang to re-set the wax.


Flat-lay images are not 100% accurate. In general actual wraps are more vibrant. Each product is handmade and unique. There will not be another one made exactly like it and will not be available once it has sold. Please expect some imperfections, but know that each piece is made with love.